Me: Hello! Please tell me why you're here.

You: I am

I make spaces for you to walk around in. For example, a a websitepark that grows organically from the whims of its creators, or a subversion of "social network", or a visual novel. You can see more of my work here or here.

To make this work, I've used a variety of tools and software, including p5js, Unity, React, Godot, Threejs, PICO-8, Bitsy, Javascript/HTML/CSS, and Twine.

I have given a talk and taught a lecture as well as a couple workshops on PICO-8 and Godot (game-making tools).

You can get a sense for my taste from the design of this very website that you are visiting :)

I'm interested in opportunities to teach interactive media/videogame design.

If you're interested in working with me, shoot me an email: franmorojo at gmail dot com